Let's boil sprat

Photo: www.poland-fish.com – Copyright | enlarged to a square


Frozen sprat completely thawed. We clean, cut off his head and rinse.


Put in boiling vegetable stock (with lots of onions), a mixture of water and white wine, water, milk or the same wine. The fluid may cover up to half of the fish. We boil for 7-10 minutes on low heat so as not to break the delicate meat. Add the crushed garlic with salt and sugar. We can add slices of lemon or onion, peppercorns, dill, marjoram and other spices. To brew can also add dried mushrooms. We boil under sealed cover. Sprat is cooked when it turns brighter, and the meat easily from each other go.


Cooked fish very carefully pull out the strainer. Fluid from the cooking should be used to cook the sauce.


Boiled fish tastes great with butter sauce, dill and olive oil and chives or mint. Serve accompanied by salads, salad or rice, potatoes, lentils and millet.

Bon appétit!