Let's boil spiny lobster

Spiny lobster
Photo: Ken Loon – Copyright | cropped to a square


Before cooking frozen spiny lobster thawed and bathes. Living spiny lobster wash under running water and Snoozing in the freezer (15 minutes).


Spiny lobster into the boiling water put his head down. Again we bring to a boil and cook respectively frozen spiny lobster 2-3 minutes, fresh spiny lobster 10-12 minutes. Time start to count from the time of re-boil water. At the beginning of the water with salt, add pepper, thyme, parsley and bay leaves. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice with water, then wrung put into boiling liquid. You can also pour the wine. We boil uncovered. Boiled crawfish is pink-salmon color.


Remove the spiny lobster from the boiling water, dry it and cut open along the trunk.


Spiny lobster served with melted butter with garlic and possibly vegetables.

Bon appétit!